Wipes and Rashes!

Crying baby


There is nothing worse than having your baby cry his little eyes out in pain and covered in rashes, where even a dab of water may feel like fire burning his skin. My baby boy has very sensitive skin and that was the reason behind me starting my search in finding the best type of baby wipes. However, keeping in my mind when I am at home, I avoid using wipes and go for the old fashioned wash to avoid any skin irritations and rashes. One can even opt for the lazy option which is cotton balls dipped in lukewarm water to wipe with instead.

I started my search with recommendations from family and friends of different type of brands that I have tested; from johnson’s,huggies to pampers to pigeon, nothing was as good as this amazing brand called Chub.

Can be found in co-op's all over Dubai

Can be found in co-op’s all over Dubai


These wipe are thick, that means you do not need a million wipes to clean your babies bum. They are also strong, durable (does not tear easily, gentle on the baby’s skin and smells great! Not only is it alcohol free it is also hypoallergenic which is safer for the babies’ delicate skin.

I highly recommend this product, it is one of the best products I ever used. Every time I introduce my sisters or friends to Chub wipes they convert to them and never look back.

Meanwhile, if you are facing the same problem with rashes I recommend using Sudocrem. Coat your baby’s rashes heavily (as if you are icing your cake :p) and lay off wipes for a while until the rashes calm down and disappear.


Found in pharmacies,spinneys,choitrams and co-op's in Dubai

Found in pharmacies,spinneys,choitrams and co-op’s in Dubai

Thank you for reading my blog.Until next time, Love Mommy Made Easy!


3 thoughts on “Wipes and Rashes!

  1. I too avoid baby wipes at all cost. Unless out of course. The best baby rash creams would have to be sudocream and SebaMed. I had also tried Mustella rash cream and it was horrible. It stuck to the skin and so did everything else! It was horrible. So I would defiantly vouch for SebaMed (smells great too) and SudoCream

  2. Love your blogs
    Please try the mothercare wipes!
    The unfragranced one is amazing for babies delicate skin, my baby never had any rashes tha jd to these wipes, it comes in pink packaging.
    They also have the fragranced wipes, comes in purple, which is also ideal to wipe any dirt or vomit on both mummy and baby clothes.


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