Second Addition to the family

Hi Mommies im back!

I welcomed my second little son to the world on February the 17th 2013.

Being a mommy for the second time around is so much easier than the first time and i was more at ease and confident in handling my newborn.

A word of advice for mothers who are thinking of getting a second child is jotting down any medical history notes that you experienced with your first child such as allergies,irritations,medical illness and its symptoms especially after every doctor visit and what have they prescribed.The information from your notes will be very useful to you for your first born and can be used as a reference for the second.

There is so much happening around us that sometimes we tend to forget and its always good to have things noted down to help us remember especially when it is something to do with our children’s health

Until later xxx with love mommy made easy

Sophie the giraffe

Available at Toys Rus,Dubabies in Dubai

Available at Toys Rus,Dubabies in Dubai

Teething is the worst part of growing up pain for babies and as a mother you would want to try anything and everything to ease your drooling baby’s pain.

I have tried and tested a lot of teething toys nothing worked and was the most cherished by my son like Sophie the giraffe.
Made in France by a company called Vulli and what i have recently found out is that sophie has been a traditonal gift for newborns in France for over 50 years!

What is great about Sophie is that it is Phthalates and BPA free, has numerous parts to chew on,squeaks when you squeeze her and Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint.What more can a mom ask for? My son has recently turned one and Sophie is still one of his favorite toys and it is one of my best purchases.

Sophie would also make an ideal gift for expecting mothers!

Until later,With love Mommy Made Easy

Baby Shopping Basics


While packing my hospital bag and preparing for my second baby’s arrival I had a flashback of how confused and overwhelmed I was with all the shopping I had to do for my first baby’s arrival.What seemed to be a fun idea of shopping for the baby turned out to be the most daunting experience ever! I was confused,overwhelmed with all the choices available i was simply lost!I wish i had someone to tell me I did not need half of the items i had purchased.

It is a great idea to jot down your baby shopping list with baby essentials especially with recommendations from family and friends. Not only will it help you remember to get what is required for your baby’s arrival it will help you avoid buying unnecessary items while shopping. With new baby gadgets advertised it is so easy to get carried and you can end up buying random items that you might never use.

In Dubai shops usually have sales quarterly so before you get shopping happy it is always wise to research and find out when baby stores are on sale to grab yourself a bargain!

To get you started here is what my shopping list consists of:
For the mama:

Nursing bras
Nursing pajamas/or pajamas with buttons
Breast pads
Maternity pads
Nipple cream
Breast pump
Comfortable going home clothes for the hospital
Toiletries (tooth brush, hairbrush. shampoo, deodorant etc.)

For the baby:
Baby bassinet or Moses basket
Bassinet linens
Baby Swing
Food processor
Bottle sterilizer
Baby bottles
Baby bathtub
Newborn pampers
Baby Shampoo
Baby Body wash
Baby moisturizer
Baby sponge
Nail clipper
Newborn hair brush
Baby blanket swaddle
Burp cloth
Baby cotton hats
Baby towel
Cotton balls
Baby wipes
Little tubs
Car seat
Baby monitor
Baby hangers
Changing mat
Diaper bag
Ocean spray
Calpol or adol
Sophie the giraffe

Wipes and Rashes!

Crying baby


There is nothing worse than having your baby cry his little eyes out in pain and covered in rashes, where even a dab of water may feel like fire burning his skin. My baby boy has very sensitive skin and that was the reason behind me starting my search in finding the best type of baby wipes. However, keeping in my mind when I am at home, I avoid using wipes and go for the old fashioned wash to avoid any skin irritations and rashes. One can even opt for the lazy option which is cotton balls dipped in lukewarm water to wipe with instead.

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Welcome to Mommy Land!

Mommy Decisions

To all the beautiful mothers out there welcome to Mommy Made Easy! You are the inspiration behind starting this mommy blog!

As a second time mother due to give birth soon I started remembering my first experiences into mommy hood and how hard  it was deciding on what to buy for my baby,  what products to buy for myself, and so many other questions.

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